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Shipping, Returns, Warranty, Pre-Order Info & FAQs



Janis Trading Company uses a 3rd party off-site fulfillment center to ship all parcels. As such, we cannot accommodate special handling requests, such as marking shipments as gifts, or requests for specific serial numbers. We no longer individually number each watch.

Orders of in-stock items will generally ship within 2 business days. For pre-ordered items, please see the estimated delivery date on the product page. If you are outside the USA, please understand that all shipments going outside the USA must first be checked against the Federal "Restricted Parties" list, which could delay shipment by an additional 1-2 days.

All shipments are sent with tracking and insurance only. Signature is NOT required. If you have reason to be concerned about theft of parcels after delivery, please consider having your order shipped to an alternate address, such as your place of work or mail drop. Janis Trading Company assumes no responsibility for theft of parcels once delivery has been made.

You will receive a shipping confirmation email as soon as tracking information becomes available, which may be as much as 24 hours after your order ships.

Orders shipped within the USA, US territories and APO's are shipped with USPS Priority Mail, and should arrive within 3-5 business days

For shipments outside the USA*, orders shipped from within the USA will be shipped using either FedEx International Priority or the US Postal Service Priority Mail International service, who will coordinate with another courier for delivery within your country. Your shipment should arrive within 7 to 10 business days, not including the time it takes your country's customs and postal services to release the shipment

Delivery delays and interruptions in shipment tracking may occur once a shipment leaves the USA. We ask you to allow up to one week for customs clearance before contacting us to inquire about your order.

We reserve the right to refund, rather than replace orders lost in shipping, based on circumstances.

Shipping costs will be calculated at checkout. Our shipping rates as of 1 September 2018 are as follows:

All orders over $800 will ship free (when all items are shipped together).

USA: $10-$15, depending on order total up to $800.

Canada*: USD $27.50 for orders up to $800.

All other countries*: USD $30 to $50, for orders up to $800, depending on order total and country of delivery.

*Orders shipped outside the USA may incur customs duties or taxes prior to or upon delivery, and will vary by country. Please be aware that as of September 2016, shipments to customers outside the USA have been taking longer to clear customs in the destination countries. We ask all our customers to remain patient, as this is completely out of our control, and we have no way of getting information from your country's customs officials.



Please inspect your watch or accessories thoroughly for mechanical or visual defects* upon delivery, before you remove any protective covers, wear it or discard the packaging materials. This applies to bracelets, straps, and any other accessories as well - removing protective material or wearing an item may prevent us from accepting a return. 

*Defects - Please be aware that some of the components in our watches are assembled by hand, and manufacturing tolerances require some parts to have gaps between them, in order for the parts to be fitted together, but which also allows for some slight misalignments. As such, we cannot guarantee 100% perfection in any watch, or that every piece of any model will be 100% the same as all the others.

*QC- Every watch goes through multiple rounds of quality control (QC), including timekeeping testing and a full functions check, but our QC standards allow for a small range of acceptable variations, which we cannot avoid, and are not considered defects, due to these manufacturing tolerances and hand assembly of some components.

If you are dissatisfied with your purchase for any reason, use the contact page on our website within thirty (30) days of delivery to arrange for a refund, or a replacement/repair, if your watch has a defect.

Before arranging a return for defect, we will ask for photographs or video showing the defect, and/or require customers to do some limited troubleshooting in the case of any possible mechanical malfunctions.

If you are outside the USA, we reserve the right to reimburse you for documented repair work done locally, in order to avoid prohibitive international shipping costs.

Do not send any item back without contacting Janis Trading and receiving return instructions firstWatches or accessories returned for a refund or exchange must be in as-delivered condition, meaning it is unworn, and in the original packaging, with all protective wrapping in place, and intact

Returns of worn merchandise, or returns after 30 days will be accepted on a case-by-case basis. All refunds will be net of our actual shipping & handling costs, and paid upon receipt and inspection of returned goods. Any refunds 60 or more days after purchase will incur a 10% restocking fee, and be net of our actual shipping costs. Returned merchandise not in as-delivered condition will be subject to a restocking fee up to 20%.


Unless otherwise noted, your watch is covered under a transferable, two year International warranty against defect of assembly or malfunction not due to any undue abuse (one year only on Riccardo).

Transferability - We do not have a warranty transfer process. We rely on our shipping records to determine warranty expiration dates. If you buy one of our watches used, and need to make a warranty claim, or know when your warranty expires, please include the name of the original purchaser when you submit your support request.

If you purchased your watch through another website, please contact the seller first, prior to contacting us for warranty service, as our resellers may provide their own warranty support.

If you believe your watch is defective or malfunctioning, use the contact page of our website to arrange for a return or repair. Most minor repairs can be turned around fairly quickly, typically within two or three weeks, at most 

If you are outside the USA, we reserve the right to reimburse you for documented repair costs of work done locally, in order to avoid prohibitive international shipping costs.

Your watch should not require service or repair while under warranty. Any disassembly of your watch may void the warranty. 

If your watch requires repair after the warranty is expired, please contact a local watchmaker. In the US, certified watchmakers can be found by searching the websites of the AWCI or the NAWCC. For our customers in the UK, we recommend Timewise Services, as they are our authorized repair partners in the UK.



FAQ's for NTH DevilRay Pre-orders.

Please see "Expected in-stock date" on individual product pages. 

These are the dates we are targeting to have a product in stock and begin shipping. Pre-ordering will end shortly before these dates. 

All in-stock dates are estimates.

We cannot guarantee delivery dates during pre-order. Production and shipping delays can and do happen.

As targeted delivery dates approach, we will update customers about our progress and any delays via our email newsletter

We ask all pre-order customers to understand we cannot provide individual on-demand delivery updates, and ask all customers to refrain from contacting us with individual requests for updates. 

During pre-order, prices will be raised based on the number of orders we receive, and as we near the end of production. As such, we do not advise waiting until the last minute to pre-order. 

Any and all discounts available will be applied at checkout. Coupon codes will NOT affect automatic discounts, but only one code can be applied per order. 

Unless stated otherwise, pre-orders can be canceled by submitting a request using our contact page. Any order canceled after 60 days may incur a small fee, as our merchant processing partners will not allow for refunds of their fees beyond a certain time. 

Because we base our production numbers on pre-orders, we reserve the right to charge a discretionary, $50 service fee for requested changes to any pre-orders, or for pre-order cancellations, but will ordinarily waive this fee based on circumstances. Please be sure about your choices before pre-ordering.



See below for answers to the questions we get most about:

Future Production Plans

Future Sales

Sold Out/Discontinued Models

Requests for Specific Serial Numbers

Requests for Customizations (different straps, hands, bezels, or finishes)

Requests for replacement parts

Customer Reviews, Press Reviews, and Social Media "Influencers"

Where/How Our Watches Are Made

Problems at checkout


Authorized Resellers

None of the above answers my question


Do you plan to make more of your sold-out models? What can you tell me about other models you may be producing?

If a model is sold out, please refer to its product page for information about whether or not we plan to make more. Upcoming models can be found under "coming soon". We will announce future models periodically through our newsletter, which you can subscribe to by creating a customer account


When will your next sale be?

We will sometimes have sales, but we try to encourage people to take advantage of the lower prices during pre-orders, and to use the coupon codes generated by our loyalty rewards program, rather than frequently discount our in-stock models. We do not publicly announce any sales we might have in advance. Instead we announce it when the sale starts. 


Do you ever get more stock of sold-out items? When? How do I find out about it when you do?

Sometimes we'll add more of sold-out models. When we add inventory, we'll announce it on Facebook & Instagram, or in our newsletter, which you can subscribe to by creating a customer account on our website.


Can I request a specific serial number for my watch?

We no longer accept customer requests for specific serial numbers. Please see shipping information at the top of this page for all other special handling requests.


Can I get one of your watches with a different finish, dial, bezel, hands, bracelet or strap?

Unless otherwise stated, all watches will come delivered as you see them on our website. We do not customize our watches, or facilitate in their being customized.


Can I buy replacement parts, such as bezel inserts for the watches you sell? 

We stock a limited supply of some parts, such as bezel inserts, crystals, and crowns. We do NOT stock all parts, and we do NOT supply parts for modifying watches. We do not sell cases, case backs, bezel assemblies, or individual bracelet links or bracelet screws. 

If we have the parts available, we will supply our customers with replacement parts as needed, upon receiving photos of damaged parts in need of replacement. 

Please use our support page to submit your request. We will respond with instructions by email.


Do you have any independent reviews? How do I get a sample for review?

Customers' product reviews can be found on each product page. Blog reviews can be found on our Press Page.

If you are a blogger or member of the press and would like to review one of our watches, AND SEND IT BACK, you may submit your request through our contact page.

Please be aware that our ability to support independent bloggers is limited, and we give priority to those bloggers with larger audiences, and those we've worked with in the past. For all others, the best way to get one of our watches for review is to buy one.

We do NOT give away watches or provide discounts in trade for other services, such as photography, video, press coverage or social media mentions.

We do not "collaborate" with social media "influencers". Such requests may not get a response, but submissions of our contact form from social media influencers may be posted to our social media pages - including the influencer's name and email address. Reviewers who fail to disclose such compensation are violating US FTC law.

Bloggers outside the USA - please understand that due to shipping costs, as well as customs delays & related expenses, we have suspended reviews by non-US bloggers.


Who makes the components used in your watches, and where are they made? Are they "off the shelf" pieces? 

We use Swiss and Japanese movements made by major manufacturers. Each model's product page lists detailed information about the movement's manufacturer and calibre.

All other components are of the highest quality, sourced from all over the world, and made to order specifically for our models, according to our specifications and design. 

We do not share our vendor list. Questions regarding proprietary information submitted through our contact form may not receive a response.


I had trouble using a credit card at checkout. It looks like I was charged more than once.

Whenever a customer has a problem checking out, 99.99% of the time it is due to entering the billing address or some other information differently than how it is in the issuing bank’s records. If you have trouble at checkout, please be sure to check your credit card billing statement and key-in your address exactly as it is on your statement, or if all else fails, use PayPal.

It’s not uncommon to see ‘phantom’ charges when a card is declined - a record of attempted charges which didn’t go through, but for whatever reason, they appear to have been completed on bank/card records for a few days before the issuing bank clears them from the record. 

We recommend calling the card issuer. Sometimes customer support can have phantom charges cleared sooner. We have never charged anyone for a transaction which was not completed, or charged anyone more than once for a single transaction. Please understand there is nothing we or our merchant processor can do to assist in that situation.


Can I get a discount?

Our website will automatically apply large order discounts at checkout. Any order over USD $800 will ship free to anywhere in the world (when all items in the order are shipped together), and any order with a cart total over USD $1,000 will receive an additional 5% off. 

We also have a loyalty rewards program. Every purchase on our site earns rewards points, which can be redeemed for coupon codes good for up to $100 off. 

These are the ONLY discounts we offer at this time, and only one coupon code can be applied at checkout.


Do any other sites sell your watches?

Yes! We try to keep this list updated. Here are the other sites where you can also find our watches for sale.

USA - Watch Gauge

UK/EU - Chronopolis

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