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Lew & Huey

Who are Lew & Huey? What's up with the dog?

It’s not a “who”. It’s a “what”. Lew & Huey is a phonetic take on a Chinese Mandarin phrase, “luen huey”, which means reincarnation or rebirth.

The brand name is meant to evoke the concept that life is full of opportunities for great change – second chances – which allow us to explore new paths, perhaps even reinventing ourselves, and in the process, reshaping our own lives.

The logo, “Sparky”, depicts a dog which, depending on your interpretation, is showing his teeth, perhaps to bite, but could also be smiling (note the wagging tail).

While the brand name is meant to be optimistic, a dog’s life is short, so Sparky is a reminder to seize those opportunities when they present themselves, and to be equally willing to take on life’s battles or life’s joys, whatever the situation calls for.

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