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FAQ's about the NTH DevilRay pre-order and delivery timeline.

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Please be sure to see the real-world pics of the NTH DevilRay (which include planned changes for production), and our best practices for pre-order success.

Q: When will you start pre-orders for the NTH DevilRay?

A: We plan to begin pre-orders at 12pm Eastern Daylight Time (GMT-4) Friday, October 6th, 2017. 

Q: How many of each color of the NTH DevilRay will be made?

A: Total production will likely be 300 to 500 pieces, which we expect to be more or less evenly divided among the available colors, but we will base production numbers for each version on pre-orders.

Q: How many of DevilRays will be available during pre-order, and how will the pre-order be structured?

A: We plan to start by making 100 pieces, 25 of each dial color, available at each pre-order price tier, and adjust the number available based on early pre-order sales. 

As we sell out of a model at each pre-order price tier, we will raise the price $25 and make more available at the next tier. 

Additionally, we'll typically raise prices in $25-$50 increments on a more-or-less monthly basis as we near our target delivery date. 

Q: If I order one watch, then come back and order another watch, will you combine the orders and apply any applicable discounts?

A: We appreciate customers just ordering both watches at once, but yes, we will combine orders and apply any applicable discounts, when we find multiple pre-orders for the same customer, or at our customers' request.

Please understand changing and combining orders creates extra work for our limited staff, and will sometimes create errors in our systems, so we try to encourage customers to order everything they want at once, but of course, we love to see people coming back to buy more. 

If you know what you want, it shouldn't be necessary to go through checkout more than once, considering how many DevilRays will be available at each pre-order price tier, and the discount from final retail pricing involved with all the lower tiers.

We reserve the right to charge a discretionary $50 fee when changing or combining orders, based on circumstances, but in most cases, we will combine orders without any fee.

Q: If I order a watch in one color, and change my mind, can I come back later and switch colors?

A: Please be sure about what you want before placing your order. 

We base our production numbers on pre-orders. Changes to pre-orders can create errors in our system, errors which lead to us shipping the "wrong" item, requiring expensive returns for exchange.

We reserve the right to charge a discretionary $50 fee when making changes to pre-orders, based on circumstances, but in most cases, we will change orders without any fee. 

Q: I have a coupon code to use, but I'm afraid to use it in the rush of pre-orders. Can it be applied after I place my order?

A: Please use your coupon codes when you go through check out. 

Pre-orders are deeply discounted from final retail prices. Prices only go up $25 with each tier. All the coupon codes which would apply to the DevilRay pre-order don't expire, so if you don't use a code now, it will still be available for future use.

We will only retro-actively apply coupon codes to orders when the code is worth at least $50.

Q: Are pre-orders paid in installments, or one payment?

A: One payment. We do not accept installment payments for pre-orders.

Q: Can pre-orders be canceled?

A: Pre-orders can be changed or canceled up until we send all our orders to our warehouse for shipping. 

All pre-order customers will have ample notice before that happens, assuming they're receiving and reading the updates we send out via our email newsletter.

Once orders are being processed for shipping, they will ship, and cannot be changed or canceled. 

We reserve the right to charge a $50 cancellation fee based on circumstances, but in most cases, canceled pre-orders will be refunded in full.

Q: When will the DevilRay be delivered?

A: We are targeting Spring (March/April/May) 2018 to make delivery

We will update the target delivery date once we begin production, and as the target date nears. 

We typically send out multiple, and frequent email updates to all pre-order customers in the weeks leading up to production ending and shipping starting. 

We cannot provide individual, on-demand updates to every pre-order customer. We ask all pre-order customers to refrain from contacting us to ask for updates prior to our target delivery date. 

Until we near the end of production, there simply won't be any information we can provide, and appreciate pre-order customers' patience as we do our work. 

Q: Will there be any discounts available during pre-order?

A: Yes! All loyalty rewards coupon codes can be used during pre-order. Additionally, all orders over $800 will ship free anywhere in the world, and orders over $1,000 will receive 5% off the cart total at checkout.

Q: Can we stack coupons at checkout?

A: No. Only one coupon code can be used at a time, and all codes are only good for one use per customer.  

Q: How will the watches be shipped?

A: Please review our shipping information page for complete shipping information. 

Orders inside the USA will be shipped using USPS or FedEx home delivery. 

Orders outside the USA will most likely be shipped using USPS, which will hand shipments off to another courier for final delivery within the destination country. 

Customs forms for orders outside the USA will be completed using the lowest pre-order price as the declared value (USD $450), but cannot be marked as a gift, or for some lower value.

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