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Best Practices for Pre-Order Success

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Please refer to the product pages of our site for pre-order start dates. If the pre-order start date isn't listed, we will announce the date in our email newsletter, then update the product page once the date is finalized.

For more information about our current or next pre-order, please refer to the FAQ's about each model, using the "Recent Posts" links below or to the right.

Because we may not be able to provide on-demand support or answer questions during the initial rush of pre-orders, we want to help all customers be prepared with the following tips.

We STRONGLY recommend you create a customer account prior to the start of pre-orders , entering in your billing and shipping address, so you do not waste time doing it while others are checking out. We also recommend you log into your customer account prior to pre-orders starting .

If you plan to pay with a credit card, we STRONGLY recommend you verify your billing address on your statement, and enter that billing address EXACTLY how it appears on your statement when you create your customer account.

Almost every checkout problem any customer has ever had has been due to an address verification mismatch, one of our fraud-prevention security measures.

If your card is rejected, it is not uncommon for there to be "phantom" charges on your account, which typically take banks a few days to clear. There is NOTHING we or our merchant processor can do to assist in those situations.

If you cannot get through checkout with a credit card, DO NOT keep trying. We STRONGLY recommend you use PayPal instead. Please be sure you are using a PayPal confirmed shipping address.

Please familiarize yourself with the available options for date windows (the option may not exist), and additional straps.

Be aware of our large order discounts. Orders over $800 will ship free, and orders with cart totals over $1,000 will receive an automatic 5% off.

We will be monitoring pre-orders in real-time, making more inventory of each model available at the next price tier as each model “sells out” . If you see a model is “sold out”, please try refreshing the page, as we will be adding more and raising pre-order prices as we go.

Depending on the number of people shopping on our site during pre-orders, you may have to re-add the product to your cart and return to checkout , if we’ve sold out of that model at the lower price. We apologize for any confusion or frustration caused. Unfortunately, it’s not something we can avoid.

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