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FAQ's about the NTH Tropics, pre-orders and delivery timeline.

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Q: When will you start pre-orders for the Tropics?

A: We plan to begin pre-orders on October 10th, 2016, at 9am Eastern Daylight Time (New York, GMT-4).

Please read our recommendations for avoiding problems during pre-order. 

Q: What will the starting pre-order price be?

A: Pre-order prices will start at $450 or $475, depending on the Tropics version, and are listed on the product pages for each version. 

We will raise pre-order prices based on the number of pieces sold, and as we near our target delivery date, with price increases starting in $25 increments, until we reach their final, in-stock prices of $700 and $725.

Q: Why are there two different prices for the Tropics models?

A: The prices for each version of the Tropics reflect their production costs. The white Antilles and the two Azores models cost less to produce than the other versions of the Antilles.

Q: How many versions of the Tropics are there, and how many of each version will be made?

A: There are four versions of the Antilles, and two versions of the Azores. We have committed to producing at least 50 pieces of each version, but may produce more based on demand.

Q: How many of each version of the Tropics will be available during pre-order?

A: Because of the frenzy which occurred with our last pre-order, we have decided to double the number of each model available at each pre-order price tier, from 10 to 20 pieces. 

Please read our recommendations for avoiding problems during pre-order.

Q: When will the NTH watches be delivered?

A: We are targeting late April 2017 to make delivery.

Q: How will the watches be shipped?

A: Please review our shipping information page for complete shipping information. 

Orders inside the USA will be shipped using USPS or FedEx home delivery. 

Orders outside the USA will be shipped using USPS, which will hand off to another courier to make delivery within that country. 

Customs forms for orders outside the USA will be completed using the lowest pre-order price as the declared value.

Q: Where can the full specifications for the NTH Tropics be found?

A: Each product page includes full specs for each model.

Q: Will there be any changes made for the production versions?

A: Yes, most of them subtle. Where able, we edited the images on each product page to illustrate these changes:

  • Bezel lume on all models will be improved. 
  • We are re-machining the end-links of the bracelets for a better fit with the case and lugs.
  • In order to improve the lume, the font of the 1-12 numbering on the Antilles' bezels will be broadened. 
  • We will pull the 1-12 numbering on the Antilles' bezels inward, towards the dial. 
  • We are working to improve and refine the engraving of the bezel crown at 2 o'clock.
  • The crown insignia will be filled with metallic gray lume, which will glow either green or blue, depending on the dial lume of that model.
  • We will be using a newly designed 18mm expansion clasp with a mixed polished/brushed finish, to match the finishing of the bracelet's links.
  • The white Antilles will have a "skeleton" style handset - black frames with cut out lume patches. The applied hour indices on the dial will also have black frames, like the hands, but the white patches of the indices will be painted, not lumed.

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